The Importance of Wearing a Protective Eyewear

Whether you play sports or enjoy looking good, wearing protective eyewear like eyewear Los Angeles is essential. Not only will it protect you from injuries, but it can also improve your performance. These days, sports eyewear is used in all types of professional sports. Here are a few benefits of wearing eyewear:

Helps Prevent Injuries

Properly using protective eyewear is essential to prevent eye injuries in the workplace. Safety measures that protect the eyes include regular eye exams, unique protective eyewear for welding or laser work, and proper equipment. Regardless of the type of work done, eye protection devices should be cleaned and maintained frequently to prevent glare and deterioration of vision. In addition, improperly cleaned eye protection devices can contribute to accidents. However, when used correctly, protective eyewear will prevent 90 percent of eye injuries.

Most eye injuries happen during sports, including football, basketball, and ice hockey. Some of these injuries can result in permanent vision loss. Injuries to the eyes are more common in young male athletes. Children between the ages of ten and fourteen are particularly vulnerable, with nearly seventy percent resulting in permanent eye damage. Children and young adults are also at a higher risk for eye injuries than men.

In addition to protecting your eyes, wearing safety eyewear can save your business money. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, 90% of eye injuries can be prevented using proper safety eyewear. However, you may be surprised to learn that sixty percent of workplace eye injuries occur to people who do not wear eye protection. Therefore, it is essential to wear proper eye protection to prevent eye injuries. Protective eyewear is a great way to save your business and your employees.

Makes You Look Stylish

There are plenty of ways to make eyewear look cool. The right frames can make your face appear younger or more mature. If you have a more conservative look, you can play it cool by wearing glasses with a less-noticeable frame that draws attention to your eyes. For example, a semi-frameless frame like the Affordable Designs Bruce will downplay the boundaries and highlight your eyes. For an even more dramatic look, try using a different color lip gloss or unique make-up.

Retro-shaped glasses are back in style this year. Retro-style glasses add a vintage feel to your style. If you’re a nerd, opt for geek glasses. However, retro-shaped glasses are also an excellent choice for those who want to look stylish and fun. Oversized frames are versatile and easy to style. They make you look great without sacrificing your style. Wearing a trendy pair of sunglasses is a great way to bring your personality to the next level.

Enhances Learning

Wearing eyeglasses can dramatically improve a student’s learning performance. Eyewear has been shown to increase academic performance by one-third and may even increase student performance by a year or more. Eyewear can also reduce traffic accidents, making driving safer and reducing the risk of injuries or fatalities. Impaired vision is a significant factor in about 60% of traffic accidents. However, the studies found that the benefits of wearing eyeglasses are insufficient to recommend policy changes.