The Beauty of Artificial Flowers

Whether you are opting for artificial flowers for your wedding or for your home or deciding between fresh and artificial flowers, it is important to know that not all of them are the same. A red rose for example, can come in a variety of styles, materials and quality – depending on your needs and your budget.

Artificial flowers are so often (and wrongly so) associated with the ‘traditional’ examples that were made from ‘silk’. Nowadays, the only flowers made with actual silk are in millinery. Accordingly, ‘silk’ has now become a generic term for anything that falls under the umbrella of ‘artificial flowers’. If you’ve ever been to Ikea or a pound shop, then you’ll have seen the low end of artificial flowers which people often stigmatise all artificial flowers with – we don’t use those. These older versions of silk flowers are becoming decreasingly popular as they involve an older technology that results in unattractive fraying edges and a hugely varying quality. For our customers, one of the reasons they love us much is due to the consistency of quality in our flowers, something you can’t really rely on with the aforementioned silk versions.

With the advancement of new technologies, artificial flowers have come a long, long way. These days, artificial flowers are made with a huge range of fabrics including a papery nylon, foam, high quality silk and latex. New polymers for artificial flowers are being developed every day and the introduction of ‘fresh touch’ flowers means that you can have artificial flowers that are so realistic in feel and look you’ll struggle to find the difference. The quality of fresh touch flowers available now is incredible.

At Silk Blooms, our artificial flowers come in a wide variety of different fabrics and quality grades. The flowers we use and their benefits are listed below:

•Cost effective
•Can be hand-dyed
•Large assortment of colours, styles, sizes
•Foam roses are some of our most popular choices

Fresh Touch
•High quality
•Very realistic
•Can be hand-dyed
•Difficult to tell that they are not real
•Large variety of colours and flowers

High Quality Silk
•Large assortment of flowers and colours
•Look great when mixed with a mixture of fresh touch
•Less fraying than older versions

Latex and Wax Coated
•High quality
•Enhances realism in an arrangement
•Can be hand-dyed
•Large variety of styles and flowers

Preserved Flowers
•Enhance realism
•Add an authentic touch to an arrangement
•Mean that your flowers aren’t completely artificial

Our foam and our silk artificial flowers tend to be a popular choice with brides with a smaller budget as they are cost effective. Despite this, they are still high quality and somewhat realistic. Our fresh touch flowers are a massively popular choice though, as customers often opt for these when they see/feel the realistic quality.

When we create a bouquet or design, we like to use a mixture of different flowers to achieve the most realistic look in an arrangement – as varying textures and styles can really create a natural, authentic look. We aim to strike the perfect balance between styles and textures to suit the type of arrangement we are creating.