Shopping and Traveling

There are quite a few things in life I enjoy doing on a regular basis. One of those things are shopping and traveling. Both of those things require me to have money at my disposal, but how much money I need to have depends on how smart I am and how well I manage my money.

Whenever I shop online I always try to have access to some great deals and coupon codes such as all those great deals that you can find on websites like Dealvoucherz. To be honest, I refuse to shop if I am not offered a good deal on an item. This is how I have always been and this is how I will be forever. Grabbing good deals from websites such as is a hobby of mine one I am never planning to abandon. I take it very seriously, especially when it comes to shopping for clothes, but not only. Since we all need to shop for clothes often, one of the best things we can all do for ourselves is to find the right place allowing us to save money and get quality items at the same time. And then there is travel us well. It is another hobby of mine and yet another thing I like to do in my spare time. Of course, I need to have some money in order to travel, but the good news is that I know how to make that happen.

The best part about traveling is that you can visit many new interesting locations and experience many things. While many people think that traveling has to be expensive, in reality, it does not have to be like that. Those who decide to travel on a budget and look for good deals on car hire, hotels, etc. are guaranteed to enjoy traveling even more than those who never try to look for some good deals and bargains. Finding good deals on your next holidays might take you some time, but it is definitely worth the effort. Let me here talk for am while about various travel coupons. For example, whenever you want to rent a car in a foreign country, book a hotel, or buy a plane ticket, you should always use some coupon codes. Why? Because that way you have a chance to save some money and be happy with your decisions. It can sometimes mean up to a few hundred pounds you can save on things such as car hire or hotel reservations. The reason hotel coupon codes are so helpful is that traveling to the untrained eye might seem expensive. The more you travel, the more you are going to discover that traveling can be affordable as well if you know how to make it affordable.

I recommend that before you do anything in your life that you ask yourself whether there is a way to make it more affordable. I am sure that in everything you do you are going to find that there are some ways to do things better.

Everything Costs 5 Pounds

We are all used to shopping at Poundland where you buy most things (with some exceptions) for £1. You can buy there some toys or books if you prefer shopping on a budget, but let’s be honest you cannot buy there anything that is high quality or something that would last longer such as clothes or shoes, at least not quality ones. They have some socks, hats, and gloves, but nothing that is on par with some of the items you can find in various stores all across the country.

One of my latest discoveries is a place where you can shop for clothes and shoes on a budget. This place is Everything 5 Pounds. I have just visited them and I am truly amazed at the range of items you can buy for just £5. The quality of items is superb and it cannot be matched any anything else I have seen in other places. This is especially true when it comes to shoes. When you go shopping to any other place, you need to be prepared to spend at least £10, or usually even more on a pair of decent shoes. Taking into account that most of my family members need more than just one pair of shoes each season I never spend too much on shoes than I absolutely have to. Additionally, my boys are really good at using up their shoes and boots, which is even a bigger reason to make sure that I have access to some affordable shoes and boots that I can change after every season.

In this difficult economy every pound saved here and there matters. It is not a secret that the economy is getting weaker and it is harder to be able to buy some decent and affordable shoes and clothes. The inflation in the country is absolutely crazy and things that used to be affordable in the past are not that affordable anymore. As a parent, I want to have access to things that don’t cost too much because we all know that kids clothes and shoes don’t last that long. this is why I never buy shoes for the boys that cost more than £10 because I know that they are going to destroy them as soon as they destroy the shoes that cost only £5.

Now I know what I am going to do for the rest of the day and for the next couple of days. I am going to browse the selection of items there and see what I can find for myself in terms of shoes. I have always been a huge shoe fanatic and my wardrobe is full of them. Now I am glad that I no longer have to spend a fortune just to be able to have shoes for any occasion. I can even wear different shoes every day if this is what I want to do and there is nobody that can stop me. Having several pairs of footwear is something I have been doing for years and I am not going to stop this habit now. On the contrary, I need more shoes.

Features To Look For In A Family Car

Driving alone and driving with your family alongside you are two very different things. When you’re out on the road all by yourself, all you need your vehicle to do is get you from Point A to Point B safely. When your spouse and children are coming along for the ride, there are a staggering range of additional factors to consider. From comfort levels to concentration, travelling with family is a whole different ball game, and you’ll need a car that can compensate accordingly.

Here, we’ve outlined the five key features you ought to look for when purchasing a family car, as they can help to make each and every ride with your loved ones that little bit easier.

Storage Space

Family travel requires plenty of space – and your vehicle will need to allow for that. Baby seats. Gym clothes. School bags. Work stuff. It all equates to one big mess if you don’t have the room to store it. If your kids are left feeling squashed, there’s a chance World War III could break loose on the backseat as they cry out from discomfort and cause you to get distracted. You certainly don’t want items blocking up your rear window either, as this will obscure your view of anything behind you. The solution is to get a car that’s built specifically with storage space in mind. There’s a huge demand for roomy vehicles in the modern day, so you’ll have plenty on the market to choose from – including cars that come with flat-folding seat rows and extra boot space. When you’re shopping, make sure the front seats have storage options too, as this will allow your partner to quickly access essential items the kids may need (such as tissues or bags) and pass them across with ease.  Get a good feel for the family car market by looking around showrooms.  Car supermarkets such as Available Car are a great place to start as they usually have a wide variety of stock.

Cup Holders

No, it’s true! A car with plenty of cup holders is one that’s ideal for family travel. Not only will you have a safe space to store your coffee to keep you alert, the kids will also have place to stow their water/juice bottles and snacks, ensuring they remain hydrated and healthy on long journeys and preventing you from having to pull over at every single petrol station to appease their thirst and hunger.

Window Shades

Darkened windows in the backseats are a God send for families. Not only will they keep the kids from complaining when the sunlight streams in, they also offer an added element of protection, preventing your children from being harmed by the effects of UV rays if you’ve been driving in the daylight for long periods of time. Be sure to check out the mechanisms of the windows themselves too. If your children are feeling a little nauseous or too hot, being able to open the window easily from your side of the car can help to make them feel a lot better, and prevents them from attempting to crack open the windows themselves – which may lead to disaster.

Entertainment & Tech               

A screaming child is one of the worst possible distractions on the road. All it takes is for you to turn around for a split second to scold your troublesome children, and before you know it, everyone inside the car could be in danger. Opting for a vehicle that can accommodate entertainment systems (or has them installed already) is completely worth the money when you’re hunting a family car. DVDs have the ability to keep kids quiet for hours upon end. If possible, check to see if the vehicle has Bluetooth and/or a Wi-Fi hotspot built in, as this will allow you to link up TV shows/movies to the entertainment system if a DVD gets scratched and fails to load correctly. A system with headphone compatibility is also recommended, as this way, you won’t have to be exposed to audio noise coming from the back seat.


Safety Rating

Last but certainly not least – you need a car that will keep your family safe in the event of an accident. Vehicles are often put through crash tests to determine how strong they are when they come into contact with a solid surface at high speeds, and subsequently given a safety rating as a result. When you’re shopping for a family vehicle, look for this number right away. Also be sure to check all the background information and history. If a car has had plenty of previous owners or has experienced bumps in the past, the chances are it won’t be quite as tough and resilient as it once was. Opt for a younger model that still has some steel about it. That way, you can help to keep your family protected. Effective child-locks and secure seatbelts are also an absolute must.


Be sure to keep an eye out for all of these features during your search for a family car, and you’ll help to make your road trips memorable for all the right reasons.

Native instruments

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