How to overcome these 3 relationship issues

Even the strongest relationships tend to have their problems, so if you’re experiencing difficulties with your other half, you’re certainly not alone. To help you find a way forward, here are three common relationship issues – and some useful pointers that should help you to overcome them.

  1. Problems between the sheets

Physical intimacy can be very important in a partnership, but a whole range of things can stop you from enjoying this side of your relationship. For example, it’s estimated that around a third of young and middle-aged women and half of older women experience issues such as pain during sex and a loss of desire, while among men, erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual problems. The majority of guys will experience this issue at some point in their lives.

Embarrassment might discourage from your addressing difficulties like these, but if something’s stopping you from being intimate with your partner and you don’t take steps to tackle the problem, this could start to drive a wedge between you. The important thing is to realise that help is available. If you explain the problem to your doctor, they should be able to establish the cause and recommend suitable treatments. Depending on what lies behind your problem, your doctor might advise you to address underlying health issues or they may suggest targeted treatments. For example, two medicines often used to tackle erectile dysfunction are Viagra (which contains the active ingredient sildenafil) and Cialis (which contains tadalafil). You can find out more about these medicines online from trusted sources such as

Alternatively, if the trigger for your issues between the sheets is psychological rather than physical, they may recommend talking therapies.

  1. Poor communication

Poor communication is arguably the cause of the majority of relationship troubles. If you don’t make an effort to be open and honest with your partner and to listen to what they have to say, the chances are tensions will build between you.

It’s easy to get into bad habits when it comes to communication, but there are simple steps you can take to improve this aspect of your relationship. For example, if you or your other half have a tendency to get distracted by phones, TVs or computers when you’re speaking to each other, try to schedule in some time solely for each other. Switch your screens off, put your phones to answer machine and make an effort to really focus. If you find it hard to discuss certain things without getting into a heated argument and raising your voices, why not try having these chats in public places like the park or a restaurant – where you’ll both be forced to stay calm.

It helps to bear some simple communication rules in mind too. For example, don’t interrupt each other, and try to steer clear of language that’s accusing or aggressive, like ‘you always…’ or ‘you never…’.

  1. Disagreements over money

Money has the potential to cause major disagreements. Perhaps you and your other half have very different priorities when it comes to spending and saving, maybe one of you is very bad at managing money or perhaps you or your partner have concealed things about your finances that you don’t want the other to know.

The key when it comes to money is to be honest, and to be willing to compromise. Try to avoid big arguments on the subject. Instead, set aside time to discuss the topic when you’re both calm. If possible, devise practical solutions to any problems that take both of your opinions and preferences into account.

Keeping a relationship on track can be difficult, but if you’re prepared to work at it and you follow advice like this, you stand as good a chance as possible at making yours work.


The Real Beauty

Beauty is a matter of opinion, culture, and very often other factors. Have you ever witnessed a situation in which someone near you said that a person that was walking nearby was beautiful, yet you did not find that person to be attractive at all? If something like this has ever happened to you before, then I am sure that you know what I am talking about here.

It is also interesting to see what trends in beauty are visible and popular in different parts of the world. What is surprising is that what might be popular in Africa, for example, might not be necessarily popular in the United States and vice versa. It is when you travel the world that you begin to realize that various parts of the world have a lot to offer in terms of the culture, traditions, and of course beauty.

these days many Americans are interested in a surgery known as botox cosmetic surgery. In other words, this is facial rejuvenation that mostly women benefit from, but it turns out that more and more men out there opt for it as well wanting to feel better and younger.

When it comes to such cosmetic surgeries, both women from USA and UK undergo different cosmetic procedures. While all of them want to be prettier and more attractive, the operations that they choose vary between USA and UK. It seems that there are significant differences in body attitudes between those two countries and statistics show them quite clearly. In the USA, it is liposuction and nose surgery that are the most in demand while in UK it is eyelid and facelifts. Additionally, in USA botox treatment is very popular which is not in high demand in UK. Overall, in spite of many similarities between the USA and UK, those two countries have unique sense of beauty that varies from country to country.

You might be interested in Botox if you start seeing wrinkles on your face and you know that this is not something you want. If this is the case, then you will want to opt for botox. the whole procedure reduces the amount of wrinkles on your face and you can feel the effects of it for some time after the procedure.

Self Storage and Christmas

There is a reason this time of year is so loved and popular among almost everybody: after all this is the time when we shop, and we tend to shop really a lot during this particular time of year. And nobody can blame us for this: stores absolutely do a great job at offering us a number of promotions that we simply cannot resist and we just need to have all of those great things at home. What we might not realize is that with buying comes also a responsibility of being able to store all those things, and this is where you might want to choose from the following few options. Here they are:

1. First of all, you might yourself have a rule that for every new item you buy you also get rid of one existing item in your house. If you have this rule, this would have to be a very strict rule, and from my experience I can say that almost nobody would be able to do that, and it is perfectly understandable if you cannot abide by this rule because not many people out there would be able to abide by it.
2. A second option that is already not so radical is to become interested in public storage. I am sure that there are some storage facilities of this type in your area, and you might want to make yourself familiar with them prior to trying to get rid of all those things and then being sorry about what you have done. You would be surprised how much a public storage unit can do for you and for what type of price. Most storage units can be affordable as their owners know that in order to make their offers attractive to people they need to be able to respond to their demands in terms of prices, which simply need to be competitive.
3. Last idea is to keep all the items at home, but at the same time keep expanding your home. This of course cannot be done indefinitely, so the idea of public storage still seems very attractive.

Hair Care for the Whole Family: 4 Important Tips

Hair. Regardless of age group and gender, dry, brittle and vulnerable hair is something that simply shouldn’t happen.

Sadly, too many families don’t really consider some fundamental practices that will improve the hair health of all household members.

I know, it sounds a bit…militaristic, perhaps? But would you want your kids to grow up with bad hair health? Would you enjoy having stiff, tangled and dry locks?

Probably not! Here are a few things that will help you keep things healthy.

Consider more natural products

You don’t need to go on a radical bio/eco mission. Just be a little bit more picky about the shampoos and conditioners your family uses.

There are a few especially bad offenders in terms of ingredients. If you find a product that cuts down on them, you’ve already made a huge step forward to your family’s well-being.

My top 3 ingredients to avoid would be:

Parabens: As with other beauty products, parabens find their way into shampoos too. They serve as a supposed preservative, but some studies hint that they might increase your risk of getting cancer. Frequently seen: methylparaben and butylparaben.

Sulfates: Sulfate-free shampoos are a thing, and with a good reason. The main culprits you’ll see are ALS and SLS – Ammonium lauryl sulfate, and Sodium lauryl sulfate, respectively.

Some studies show a link between them and hair damage, not to mention skin irritation can also occur quite often. An itchy, irritated scalp is a sure way to have a bad time.

Propylene Glycol: A classic. PG is used as a thickener/to bring more consistency to the shampoo table. However, similar to the sulfates, it increases the risk to experience skin irritation – along with eye irritation if you manage to get a bit of it there.

Ditch these, and grab a natural shampoo instead!

Don’t neglect the effect of hard water

Hard water areas are aplenty, especially in the US. So what, you might think…hard water, soft water, does it really matter that much.

It totally does!

Hard water contains a lot of minerals which leads to them sticking to your hair. If you don’t rinse them away, they “clog” it, stripping it of its shine and silkiness.

The thing is, normal shampoos can’t really copy with this increased amount of minerals. If you live in a hard water area, your best bet is to get a special type of hard water shampoo

Different varieties exist, such as clarifying or chelating shampoos. Both will break down the minerals properly and free your hair of the dry, brittle feeling.

Don’t overdo it

I was a previous offender in the ‘I’m-Washing-My-Hair-Too-Frequently’ category. Doing that every single day is a surefire way to sacrifice your locks’ health for a lot of people.

Disclaimer: This is my personal experience and varies from person to person!

In my (and my family’s) case, washing our hair too often led to decreased amount of natural oils. It was especially bad in my case, as my hair would break easily and get dry – despite me using a bottle of natural and more expensive shampoo.

What I found out is that washing my hair 2-3 times per week is the best option.


This is a point you especially want to consider if you color your hair. Using a shampoo too often will fade your shiny red, seductive blonde or whatever color you prefer….And it’ll do that in no time.

Of course, shampoos specifically made for colored hair do exist. But even with them, if you are overly zealous about washing your hair, you’ll strip your locks off the vibrant colors way too quickly.

Always keep your hair type in mind

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

Yet many people get it wrong.

Fine, oily, normal – then curly, straight, slightly frizzy…Or no hair at all! There are so many different types of hair and it’s natural that there isn’t any one-product-fits-all solution.

What works for normal hair might be a total disaster for us, the people with oily locks. For example, oily hairtypes call for less ingredients stuffed into the shampoo. Why? To avoid additional buildup aside from the oil that accumulates on our locks every single day.

On the other hand, fine hair plays pretty well with thickening agents and film-formers that make it appear bulkier and more presentable.

If you do that with curly hair, the effects mightn’t be that great.

Wrapping it up

There’s no grand conclusion here: just the idea that hair should be a crucial part in any family’s pursuit of well-being.

A lot of people focus on healthy eating and healthy habits (good amount of sleep, sleeping early, exercise etc.), but tend to leave hair care out of it.

In my opinion that’s a rather important thing to neglect – and looking after your hair doesn’t cost that much effort anyways!

Lorraine Pascale to Present Prizes for London Social Workers

The Social Worker of the Year Awards are an important institution that recognise and achievements in social work over the course of the previous year. This Lorraine Pascale will oversee the ceremonies that fete those with a social work job in London and across the whole of the UK.

You’ll doubtless recognise Lorraine Pascale from her books and BBC TV cookery but the celebrity chef has a unique and personal attachment to the social care system. She was fostered shortly after she was born and after her adoptive parents divorced was returned to her birth mother. Sadly, after her mother became ill, Pascale had to be cared for again in various different foster families.

Throughout this time, the social care system was perhaps the only consistent point in a chaotic life. It’s left her with a lasting appreciation for social workers of all kinds and the vital work they do across all communities in the UK. As she was born in London and had a childhood which took her all over the country, she’s uniquely qualified to present these National awards.

The Social Worker of the Year recognises exemplary social workers across 16 different categories, from general awards for the “Overall Social Worker of the Year”, down to more specific recognition for Children’s Services Team Leader, and an award for “Raising the Profile of Social Work”.

As well as providing a necessary morale boost, and some important positive media coverage of social workers, the charity also provides in important service in giving an award for the best Social Work Employer, an accolade to inspire excellence from managers in different social services, and give social workers an important guide to who provides good support in a difficult job.

The Social Worker of the Year Awards were set up in 2006 by Beverley Williams, a social worker who saw a pressing need to recognise the hard work and huge positive contribution social workers across the country make to the lives of children and vulnerable adults – for this she was awarded the MBE in 2014 and continues to work with the charity.

Social Worker of the Year is a charity, and is supported by many local councils across the UK, and other partners who are committed to recognising excellence in social work like the Open University, which trains a large proportion of Social Workers entering the profession and Sanctuary Social Care, one of the UK’s leading providers of Social Workers in the UK.

Ranking rules of Senior Dating Sites

Are you a senior, Over 60 or even over 70 years and single? You do not have to be lonely anymore; your golden years could still be full of glamour and happiness again. Being single at that age is not new, many have been there, and many have tried out senior dating sites and have often regretted not starting it early.

Joining the many senior dating sites over 70 is very simple, and you do not have to worry about the new technology and social site security, all these are catered for by the top senior dating sites we are going to look at. So no more looking forward to the next social gathering, or the help of your grandkids to get connected to other like-minded seniors, or even younger dates, the whole online platform is here for you.

What makes a senior Dating Site to be ranked at the top?

The first is its simplicity, the simpler it is, the better, there is the technology fear among the senior, those who never grew with computers or social networking. Therefore, it is best to keep things easy for them, and it is all based on the different features of the platforms.

The other factor is the security and safety of all the users, sites that are strict in emphasizing on the verification and use of genuine information, often have low chances of scammers. Seniors are fragile, and they prefer privacy and assurance that they are secure. Thus, the site that guarantees this is ranked top.

The other criteria are based on the interactive features, like can the app or site help locate the other person? Do you get real-time updates on what is happening? Are there more to offer on the site such as matching of compatible couples? These are some of the issues that make part of the satisfactory testimonies from users.

Charges also matter a lot, most senior dating sites offer free registration, with others having different interactive levels that vary in subscription charges as well as the features in them. The best are those that show the will to help seniors over 60 and over 70 meet without seeming to drain their retirement benefits all in the name of connecting them.

Sites have established different dating apps, to keep their users connected throughout. The best senior dating sites have therefore allowed users to be in connection with mobile applications which is better than spending hours on the monitor expecting a reply or an update. But for older singles, there is also Tinder for seniors.


The list is not in any order, but it gives some of the highly rated senior dating sites that any senior should consider joining. The fact that as a senior you have experienced life and probably feel like you had all the possible fun shouldn’t hold you back. If you are single and ready to mingle, then get back into the game and have happy senior years.


All About Dating An Older Woman

If you are planning of scouring over 60 dating sites in search of an older woman to date you have every reason to do it.

Benefits of dating an older woman

There are many benefits that come with dating an older woman. These benefits include:

They are more interesting: An older woman has been through a number of experiences that have taught her a number of things. The lessons learned from the experiences make her an interesting person to be with as she will have different views and opinions. The older woman is also smarter and has a more developed and stable personality. This not only makes it easy to interact with her, but also more fun to be with.

An older woman won’t give you a lot of pressure: If you have dated younger women in their late 20s or early 30s most of them will give you a lot of pressure to settle down and start a family. This isn’t the case with an older woman. If she was once married and has children, she knows everything that goes on in a marriage and she isn’t in a hurry to jump right into it. She wants to take her time when she is dating over 60 and enjoy the single life that she is leading. If you are also single and not in a hurry to settle down, this gets off the pressure to settle down thus you have ample time with the mature woman.

Mature women are better in sex: Scientific studies show that the sex drive in women increases as they advance in age. Due to this and the fact that they are confident and experienced, they are more likely to be better sex partners than the younger women. The great sex that you get from the older woman not only gives you satisfaction, it also teaches you a lot of things that you can use later in life.

Tips to consider when dating an older woman

For you to have a long term relationship with an older woman you need to consider a number of tips. These tips include:

Chase the woman: Even if she is mature and has a career on the line, it doesn’t mean that the older woman wants to take the driver’s seat when it comes to relationships. Just like you pursue a younger woman, you should go after the older woman. You should call her, send her messages, invite her to lunch, and so on. Remember that when you let the woman take the lead in your relationship, she will view you as a weakling which isn’t attractive.

Communicate: Younger men feel lucky that they are in a relationship with a mature woman that they fear expressing themselves as they feel that they will lose the relationship. Older people place a lot of value on honesty and communication. To be on the same page with the woman, you shouldn’t assume what she wants—you should ask her. By doing this you show that you are mature which increases the chances of the relationship lasting for a long time.

Why Self Storage is Suddenly Everywhere

We’ve all noticed it: storage companies are springing up all across the UK. You might not be surprised to find multiple storage companies operating in big cities. If you search for self storage London will reveal plenty of results but you can expect to find two or three storage companies jostling for position on the perimeter of even small towns. New facilities and companies regularly with byStored being one of the latest examples.

There are few reasons for this, and looking into them today could help you decide if you need to use self storage yourself or even if it’s an industry you want to work or invest in.


With the consequences of the 2008-09 banking crisis still rumbling on, and an ill-defined Brexit making the future look uncertain and threatening, the economic outlook is not good. Uncertainty is not a good climate to do business in and it’s telling with slow, or non-existent growth in recent quarters.

That’s bad news for most people, but there are some businesses that thrive in recessions, crashes and other financial crises. Self storage is one of those industries that far from being depressed by depressions actually expands when others are wilting.

Economic slowdowns inspire many families and businesses to downsize, creating a demand for more storage space. People want to keep collections and furniture they can’t accommodate in their new, smaller homes safe until they can either reclaim and display it again or permanently dispose of it by selling it on or recycling.

Renting and Buying

In tighter economic times, fewer people buy houses: banks are less willing to lend and people less able save the large sum of money needed for a deposit.

A bigger community of renters means more people moving house more regularly. One of the biggest reasons for people to use self storage facilities is for help when they move house, according to a recent industry poll. This community of regularly moving renters creates a fertile market for short term storage facilities, especially in big cities, where the higher price of properties means the storage company runs more risk.

Between short term customers, and longer term contracts with downsizers storing excess possessions for months at time and small businesses taking advantage of the cheap rent and short notice periods to use storage company for flexible warehousing space, it’s no surprise that more than 75% of the ever growing storage capacity of the UK is in use at any one time.

Storage for Families

If you are a homeowner with a large family, you have one challenge you need to be able to deal with: clutter in your home. We all buy things all the time, but do we really fully and completely realize that we need to deal with the clutter in our own homes that we ourselves generate? The good news is that there is an effective solution to this problem in the form of storage units Charlotte. This way homeowners and business owners don’t have to get rid of all the stuff they own and be ready to take in new items. Instead they can store their belongings in a safe place in case they need it later.

Many people have a lot of items that they would like to store somewhere but they do not have space for storage. This might be because they live in a small apartment or because they simply have so many items to store simply because they enjoy shopping for new things. In many cases individuals as well as businesses might need extra storage for their items. While this might seem like a serious problem, there is an easy solution. Self storage companies specialize in providing storage units for both individual customers and businesses. Most towns and cities have at least a few good self storage facilities you might want to try out. Of course, bigger cities will offer you more possibilities compared to what smaller towns can offer, but you would be surprised to discover how many self storage units a town can have.

If you are looking for self storage, then you will probably not find a better solution. What makes them unique is that they offer a variety of storage units. They are determined to meet all of your needs and some are temperature controlled. Some self storage units also offer a full assortment of moving and packing supplies, which is quite convenient. All of those who value convenience will surely appreciate the online payment center and account access. This is something you should be looking for in a self storage facility where you will want to store your precious belongings foe years to come.

Choosing Art for your Office

Whether you want to have art to fill white walls, impress clients or motivate your
employees, choosing photography prints for the home or office can be difficult and it’s
important not to get it wrong and give your clients/colleagues the wrong impression. Here
is our guide for decorating office with wall Art.

What do you want your clients to think when they enter your office? Is your office Wall Art
conveying your brand, character and culture or does it appear as just another faceless

It’s easy to forget the importance of corporate decor for leaving a good first impression.
Many companies like to use their brand colours or commission artwork that incorporates
their brand values, however the can come across as being quite impersonal, yet very

First Impressions
Art is a good way to start small talk: the story about acquiring art or what the art means for
the company can be a nice introduction to any meeting and a good talking point because
everyone loves stories.

Watch your budget
If you want to impress clients but can’t afford to spend much on artwork, have more
expensive work in areas that are more visible–the lobby or meeting room. Renting is a
good way to have expensive art for the fraction of the cost. If you can’t afford to invest
£15k for a painting at once, you can rent it for £800 per month.

Include your employees
A study from Exeter University shows that when employees are involved in the decoration
of their surroundings, the productivity increased by 30%. Art is subjective and not everyone
will always be happy with the choice but you can overcome this by having less offensive
and abstract works in the common rooms and let employees choose works for their
workspace that fit the corporate decor and identity. Bigger companies can also use our
voting tool or form an art committee that will make the decision.

Mix it up
If you are the kind of person who gets bored easily, you could vary the art on the walls
every year. Instead of buying new pieces of artwork each time you want a change, how
about changing the placement of the pictures you currently have? It will be much more
cost effective for you and you wont end up with lots of used pieces of art without a home,
cluttering up your office space.