Wedding shopping from Cbazaar

Bridal season is here & its daunting to pick exclusive clothes for each wedding I attend. Too many things to consider. Too little time. I also had to be careful in not repeating the ethnic style from one wedding to another & with my limited styles of ethnic wedding wear i had to look for options outside. I had no other go because Indian ethnic styles were limited abroad. With all this in mind my solution came via online shopping.

I have heard about a few of the online stores for Indian ethnic wear. But never have tried any. The fear of fitting of clothes to the texture on how it feels everything was a big question mark for me. Since there was no option now I looked out for options & that is where I came across Cbazaar, an exclusive Indian ethnic wear store.


Cbazaar had all the right products from sari to mens wedding suits and sherwanis, anarkali suits to Kurtis everything for the entire family including kids ethnic styles. They had tailor made products as well. My worries just flew by as I browsed through their collection of wedding ensembles. They had too many choices. The only problem i had was finding the right one for me. I had to attend three wedding in two weeks . So decided to go with different ethnic style for each.

I ordered an amazing Bhagalpuri silk half & half saree, a floor length anarkali , & a simple elegant lehenga saree. Once I had selected the products that is when i thought of a matching blouse for my saree. But again Cbazaar had all the answers. Their tailor made blouses in trendy patterns were my choice. I had entered all my measurements & placed the order in a matter of minutes. It was user friendly with unique collections. I received an email confirming my order and the delivery of the products would be in two weeks. I was worried whether I would receive it on time. But to my amusement I had received the products a day earlier than the mentioned date. And all the fittings were perfect.

I attended all three weddings in different ethnic wear & all I received was compliments for my outfits. I was proud of choosing Cbazaar for my ethnic wear. Cbazaar is a all in one solution for people like me living away from home. Bringing Ethnic styles a step closer with comfort.

How can you get the best deals on family vacations?

You want to take the family on vacation, but you do not want to “break the bank” doing so. The great news is that family vacations can be done on a budget, and with a little research, it is possible to get the best deals.


To get the best deal on a family vacation, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Consider buying tickets in advance: You are likely aware of the fact that airline tickets are cheaper the earlier you buy them, but tickets to various attractions can be cheaper to buy in advance. Be on the lookout for coupons and discounts from various groups, such as the AAA, or on online discount sites.
  • Go off-season: This might not be viable if you have older children who need to be at school, but traveling off-season can be significantly cheaper, with airlines and accommodation providers eager to fill those airline seats and hotel rooms that otherwise lie empty. Even by traveling a few weeks either side of peak periods, you can see significant discounts on your vacation, so it pays to be flexible.
  • Go local: This does not mean you have to vacation at home, but choosing a destination within easy driving distance of home can save you significant amounts of money because it is cheaper to drive than fly. If you do choose to fly, purchase airline flights with connections, as this is cheaper than flying direct.
  • Shop local: Purchase supplies at home, such as sunscreen or bug spray, before you go because these items can attract a premium at vacation resorts.
  • Compare and contrast: Use comparison websites to see which airlines or which accommodation providers are offering the greatest discounts. Searches can be tweaked so that you are comparing like with like.


A great way to get the best deals online is through social media, by watching various accounts, or signing up for alerts when deals become available. Among those vacation providers with a strong social media presence is Bluegreen Resorts, which has a range of resorts to suit all types of budget. With an emphasis on choice and quality, Bluegreen operates the Bluegreen Vacation Club, a points-based deeded vacation ownership plan affording flexible access to more than 60 Bluegreen resorts, as well as a wider range of destinations through partnership arrangements.


Shop around for the best vacation deals and all you have to think about then is how best to enjoy your family vacation.

New Ways to Save Money

Saving and spending money are two major decisions you always have to make in your life no matter how old you are and no matter what your occupation is. Even if you earn a lot of money, you will still need to decide how to spend it. Choose to spend it recklessly and you are on your way to bankruptcy and you might quickly find yourself in trouble.

Depending where and how you want to spend your money, you are going to be a less or more successful consumer. I have always wanted to be a successful online shopper and I have always known that I simply need to be good at it in order to feel good about myself. I never settle on high prices if I know that I can find a better deal elsewhere. This can be easily achieved with the help of coupon codes and vouchers that can be found on

It never hurts to try to save some money here and there because at the end of the day you can always say that you saved at least a few pennies from any purchase you made on that day.

Whenever I have a chance to save some money, I am always willing to do it. For example, I would never attempt to buy garden furniture without having some coupon codes and vouchers at my disposal. Having coupon codes I could use is essential as I know that this way I can save a few pounds each time I decide to buy something. The more experienced shopper I am, the better deals on the Internet I am able to grab and the happier this makes me. I am going to continue shopping this way because of the amount of satisfaction doing so gives me. I hope that you feel the same way.

9 Methods to Make Your Unique Wine-Themed Wedding Ceremony

It is definitely romantic and meaningful to hold a wedding ceremony with the theme of wine. It does not only mean that the wine is the main beverage. As long as you have enough ideas and could make full use of the vessels which are related with wine, you could create a romantic and unique wedding ceremony.

  1. Make card clipper with soft tie plug

As long as you collect enough soft bottle plugs, you could use them to make card clipper and out them on the wedding tables, which will impress the guests a lot.

  1. Use wine bottles as vases.

There are many ways to put the wine bottles into charming vases. The simplest is plunging a flower into the bottle.

  1. Use the wine bottles to show menu

You could make the menu attaches to the wine bottle, which definitely is more creative that just placing the menu on the wedding tables.

  1. Make the guest book with wine bottles

Instead of providing an ordinary guest book, it is more creative and romantic to let the guests sign on the wine bottle. Then put these bottles in store and open it when a special day comes. At that time, the couple could recall the best wishes from guests and also remember that romantic moment.



  1. Make the bouquet with grape hyacinth

When the bride is walking down the chapel carpet, it is definitely eye-catching to hold a bunch of grape. But if you want to keep low key, you could just hold a grape hyacinth instead of grape.

  1. Make the invitation card based on the sightseeing of the wine country

This is really a smart way. You could fully develop your talents and choose a sightseeing that you like as the background of the wedding invitation.

  1. Make the napkin with soft bottle plugs

This is also an amazing DIY method. A small soft bottle plug could make the trivial napkin a little different.

  1. Use the wine glasses as the wedding candles

This way is not only unique, but also cost-saving. It is very environment-friendly and economic.

  1. Place wine as the main beverage of the wedding

Although it is not special and creative for a wine-themed wedding ceremony, it is necessary for it. But you pick the wine according to your own favor and interest. And it is economic to buy in wholesale way.

If you hold such a wine-themed wedding ceremony, you could also do something with your wedding dress. To make it match with your wedding ceremony, you could bravely choose a red color for your wedding dress.



How to be Smart While Shopping

From my personal experience I can say that it is not enough to simply shop online and spend money on anything you happen to come across. The real art of shopping is to shop in the smart way without spending more money than you should. A smart person is somebody who knows what to do with his money. A wise person will never want to waste it, but rather use it the best way possible. Finally, a smart person will find the best deals whenever he needs to purchase a product by browsing through codes such as coupon codes from that allow everybody to find good deals.

Recently, thanks to the Internet, it became a lot easier for shoppers to compare the prices of different products that are available to them online and offline. In turn, it is a lot easier to find the best deals possible as all you have to do is top open your browser and start looking at various products you might like. If you are looking for a product from a specific merchant, then usually there are many places where you can find it. The key here is to choose only such a place that is guaranteed to offer you the best deals possible. I also like it when I have a wide choice of coupon codes to choose from. I like being able to choose from a wide array of codes. It is an enjoyable feeling for me to know that I have so many choices I can consider.

I am going to continue shopping with the help of coupon codes for as long as I can. I like it that the Internet offers me many possibilities when it comes to that and I want to make sure that my choices are smart choices.

Perfect Relationships

Finding time for each other is difficult if you don’t share the same interests. If you have had a relationship end because you didn’t spend enough time with your partner, it’s important that your next relationship is with someone whose life is compatible with your own.

One of the best ways to connect with people who share the same passions as you is via online dating. A great example of a dating site that lets you start having meaningful conversations with people who share your interests is this free dating site.

How much is enough?
If you and your partner both lead busy lives, it’s understandable that you struggle to find enough time for each other. So it’s important that you have a conversation and discuss how much time you both feel you should be spending together. Is it just a matter of finding a few minutes every now and then to talk about how your day was? Or do you feel like the only solution is to take a week off and go on holiday together? Either way, you won’t know until you talk about it and figure out what you both think the relationship needs.

Making the little moments count

Sadly we don’t always have a spare two hours to devote to long walks on the beach. Instead, in the busy chaos of everyday life, you need to make the little moments count as valuable time with your partner. Whether it’s cooking dinner or walking the dog, use those everyday tasks to your advantage and have a conversation. Make a point of asking about the things that you’re partner is passionate about and give them the opportunity to do the same for you. Chances are it was these shared interests and heartfelt conversations that drew you together in the first place, and this is a simple way to rekindle that old spark.

Make a date of it
Try to always keep one night of the week free for one another. Date night could include dinner and a movie, going salsa dancing or just spending the night curled up on the couch. However you choose to spend your date night, the important thing is that you’re making the effort and commitment to schedule time entirely for your partner.

Finding the perfect wedding transport

Many couples when planning their big wedding day forget how important planning how you are going to get to and from the church or registry office is and how the method of transport is going to tie into the overall theme of their wedding day. The matter of fact is that planning what method of transport you are going to use and what company you are going to use is very important, after all a number of things can go wrong when no research or planning has gone into it, such as, being late, transport not arriving, brake downs and use of unreliable companies. These types of problems can ruin your full wedding day so to avoid these problems just follow a few steps to reduce the risk of problems and to make sure you remember your big day for all the right reasons.

The first step to take is search for local wedding car / transport companies in your local area for example if you are looking for wedding cars nottingham then do a search in google and look at the reviews for the first 5 listings, this will give you some insight into other people’s experience using these companies. Remember to keep in mind at this stage of what type of transport you are looking for as you will need to search for the corresponding keywords, ie if you are looking for wedding cars derby then that will be the keyword, however if you are looking for vintage wedding cars derby then this would be your keyword! Once you find a company you like the look off check their reviews, visit their social profile such as facebook and twitter to see if previous customers have written any positive or negative comments here. Once you are happy with the type of feedback the company has then go ahead and contact them, be sure to let them know exactly what you are looking for and if you do go ahead and book them for your day confirm the date and time in written form ie email or a letter just incase the worst happens.

As mentioned above be sure to make your decision on a company based on their reviews, price and professionalism but keep in mind the theme of your wedding, remember when arriving to the church as the bride this is the first time most guests will see you and you want to make a big entrance! If you are going to a ultra modern wedding then the perfect type of transport would be a modern style of car such as a BMW, Audi or Mercedes. On the other hand if you are going for more of a classic type of theme then a Rolls Royce, Bentley or Horse and Carriage would be the ideal choice.