Planning a Funeral

Although planning a funeral may be one of the most emotional draining and stressful things you will ever do due to the pain of having someone so close to you pass away, you must remember that it is for a good cause; it will give you and your loved-one’s family and friends to gather together and honour their life and remind each other exactly why you all loved him or her so dearly. It is a time for those closest to you to reach out to each other and offer support and comfort so no one is suffering alone.

The time it takes to plan your funeral will depend on the situation at hand. It may be that you are planning a funeral in advance for someone who is coming to the end of their time due to a terminal illness. Or you may have to make sudden plans due to an unexpected death. The list below covers both of these situations.


There are several ways to give your loved-one the send off they deserve. Different cultures and opinions will mean that you will be able to choose the way which suits and your loved-one best. These options include;

  • Traditional Burial
  • Natural or ‘Green’ Burial
  • Cremation

To find out more about each of the options above, click on the bullet points and read more before making your choice.

Things to Arrange When Planning a Funeral

  • You or another family member may want to choose some readings, poems, prayers or religious passages to deliver.
  • Someone may wish to write a eulogy for the loved-one that has passed away.
  • Choose someone to lead the service.
  • Music, such a song they were fond of, or a religious piece, such as a hymn.
  • Decide who will be the pallbearers.
  • Personal additions, such as photos, videos and decor.

Would you like the body there?

Of course funerals such as cremations and burials will require the body to be present for disposition; however, you can choose to have a last visitation before the funeral service for everyone to say one last goodbye if they wish to.


You may want to accept flowers as condolences and support from others. Or, you may wish to take financial donations to give to a charity that the deceased cared about, or the cause that is trying to find the cure for their illness, or the hospice that looked after them prior to their death.

Service Providers for Planning a Funeral

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Helping your family and loved ones with these hard decisions.

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