4 Reasons Why You Should Never Date or Hook Up with Your Friends

It might seem like a good idea. You and your friend have a moment of being single, and voila. You wind up on a date that leads to too many drinks and…other things. And while some see it as a mistake, others have conflicting emotions about whether it is a good idea to ever date or hook up with a friend. So, to combat your positive vibes about the situation, here are a few reasons why dating and hooking up with friends is a no-no. Hold your chocolates, roses, and battery operate lights for wine bottles until the end of the article.

1: You Could Permanently, Irreversibly Ruin Your Friendship

There are relationships where two people have been best friends forever, and they suddenly fall in love, get hitched, have a few kids, and live to see the sunset on life together. But there are others that begin as best friends, have a series of intimate encounters, then deteriorate because someone caught feelings and the other person didn’t feel the same. Hooking up with or dating your friends could completely, permanently, irreversibly ruin your friendship.

2: You’re Just Friends for a Reason

You’ve heard of being friend-zoned. And, usually, that happens for good reason. Sure, it is totally possible for two people to decide to move their relationship forward, but it typically doesn’t begin with a drunken hook-up. If you are just friends and have been just friends for a while, then that is probably what you should remain.

3: Feelings Don’t Evolve at the Same Rates

This reason is top-ranked because it leads to the first reason [the ruination of a friendship]. Some feelings don’t evolve at the same rates. When one person feels like they are falling in love, and the other person completely rejects them, it becomes heartbreaking and hard to deal with. Intentions could be unclear from the beginnings, leaving two people on different pages. Could you ever be friends again with someone that you had fallen hopelessly in love with?

4: Sometimes It’s Simply Better to Leave Out Romantic Elements

It is possible for there to be platonic friendships between all genders, sexualities, and preferences. With that said, it might be best sometimes to leave romantic elements completely out of the friendship equations. Being friends is sometimes easier and more pleasurable than being lovers or significant others.

This article definitely isn’t saying that some friendships-turned-relationships don’t work out. It is, however, saying that sometimes the risk is lesser than the reward. Sometimes it is better to be friends, remain friends, and find someone else to fall in love with.