An Overview of Sugar Daddy Dating

  • What’s a sugar daddy?

A sugar daddy is an older rich man seeking the company of younger women in return for, maybe, gifts, generous financial remuneration and even a glitzy lifestyle mixing with socialites, millionaire and billionaires.

  • A sugar baby?

A sugar baby is the younger female recipient of her sugar daddy’s lavish generosity. She will, in return, offer varying degrees of companionship. This could be in the form of an innocent platonic friendship, or be something more intimate involving sex.

  • What are the reasons why they would want to date?

The man

Well, from a frustrated, lonely, middle-aged man’s perspective the reasons are reasonably uncomplicated. A sugar baby companion can:

  1. Provide much needed company, emotional support and even a physical relationship.
  2. Be draped over a sugar daddy’s arm as a ‘trophy’; an ego bolstering display by a man trying to rekindle his youth, perhaps.

Let’s be honest these are reasons enough without trying to analyse further from a Freudian perspective.

The young woman

Perhaps a little more complex, although straight forward enough me thinks. Many would like to find a sugar daddy to pay their bills. A sugar daddy can enrich her life by:

  1. Redefining her lifestyle, with glittering nights out, a trip on the old yacht or maybe an executive box for the Monaco Grand Prix.
  2. Providing financial support. This could be by way of a monthly allowance or occasional lump sums.
  3. Providing accommodation, a flat or apartment
  4. Lavishing his sugar babe with gifts; remember, ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’!
  5. Likewise providing genuine friendship and companionship of a nature to accommodate both parties.

As long as everyone is happy then no harm done.

  • What are the top tips for sugar daddy dating?


  1. First off, whether you are the ‘daddy’ or the ‘baby’, find sugar daddy sites that is dedicated to sugar daddy/sugar baby matching.
  2. Do not be tempted by the freebie sites, you could end up with an horrendous mismatch or a second hand set of encyclopaedias.
  3. Whichever site you choose, before joining, check out their testimonials; a good dating platform will have their recommendations in pride of place. They will also offer a lot of useful information, advice and, of course a tempting line-up of very, very rich handsome men.
  4. Get your profile right! Your profile is you. Don’t try to present yourself as someone else! And that applies to both dads and babes.


We don’t all look like movie stars, with teeth expensive enough to leave in our wills; be realistic, you’ll get found out in the end. Besides, in the words of Kenny Rogers, ‘there’s someone for everyone …’ (Although, I do declare that, the words were actually written by Roger Bowling). I digress.

Back to the plot; in conclusion, online dating for sugar daddies and sugar babies is, should you choose the right site, an absolute no brainer. You will get matched, more often than not, with someone who shares your interests, values and expectations.

Just remember to be forthright and transparent at all times.