Best wallpaper options to decorate a couple’s room

Whether you are sharing a dwelling with a friend, or with your partner, it is necessary to make compromises for the health of the relationship. This is especially true when you are decorating a couple’s room. For a long time, paint was a staple item in it any remodeling project. However, the majority of home remodelers have turned to using designer fabric as wallpaper to obtain a unique, decorative wallpapering approach.

When decorating a room that will be shared by a couple, it is important to take into account the decorating styles of those people. This is because sharing a room can be stressful enough. Failing to compromise on a simple collar scheme can actually lead to one person or the other feeling uncomfortable about sharing a room.



Ensuring that You Want to Use Fabric for Wallpaper

The use of fabric as wallpaper, it is a fairly new trend. This is especially true in Rental Properties where you’re not allowed to change the color of the wall. Fabric is held to the wall using a starch compound that wipes off easily with water. This makes it the perfect nested of designing a Rental Property to suit your style, without violating the lease.

Choosing a Fabric Wall Paper

Due to the fact that the starchy is used two and hear the fabric to the wall, it is recommended that you use only high quality cotton fabric. This comes in many thicknesses, and for this purpose the thicker the fabric is, the more durable aid in overtime.

If you currently have a color scheme in place, decide on a color that blends in with your current color scheme. However, the decision on pattern should be a mutual decision between you and your partner.


Choosing a Unisex Pattern

There are many different designer fabric that cater to a unisex population. This means that your partner in you can both be happy sharing a common area and feel comfortable with the colors that are in the room.

Choose a design that is too masculine, or to feminine, can make your partner or you belong comfortable in that specific room. Choosing a fabric together, is the most professional way to ensure that both of you will be happy with the results of your remodeling and venture.

You can either purchase your fabric at a department store, or purchase online. However, in order to ensure that you have enough fabric you should carefully measure the room to compare it to the height and width of the fabric you will be ordering.

Purchasing Starch

The starch used to hang fabric as wallpaper can be purchased at any local hardware store, or you can purchase it online. The starch is easy to locate and comes in a variety of brands. It is important that you choose extra strength starch, so that you know your fabric will hold tight.

Why You Should Ensure that You Have Used Designer Fabric

There are many reasons that you should ensure that you have used designer fabric on your wall. The number one reason of this for choosing a designer fabric is the durability, ability to stand up to the starch used in hanging the fabric. Also, most designer fabrics are guaranteed to be 100% cotton, which is necessary for the success of your project.



Removing Designer Fabric from the Wall

If you decide to move, and modifying the walls was against the lease, the fabric is simple to remove. Simply use a warm sponge to dampen the fabric and pull it off the wall gently. Wash the wall with soap and water and the starch will come right off.