Finding the perfect wedding transport

Many couples when planning their big wedding day forget how important planning how you are going to get to and from the church or registry office is and how the method of transport is going to tie into the overall theme of their wedding day. The matter of fact is that planning what method of transport you are going to use and what company you are going to use is very important, after all a number of things can go wrong when no research or planning has gone into it, such as, being late, transport not arriving, brake downs and use of unreliable companies. These types of problems can ruin your full wedding day so to avoid these problems just follow a few steps to reduce the risk of problems and to make sure you remember your big day for all the right reasons.

The first step to take is search for local wedding car / transport companies in your local area for example if you are looking for wedding cars nottingham then do a search in google and look at the reviews for the first 5 listings, this will give you some insight into other people’s experience using these companies. Remember to keep in mind at this stage of what type of transport you are looking for as you will need to search for the corresponding keywords, ie if you are looking for wedding cars derby then that will be the keyword, however if you are looking for vintage wedding cars derby then this would be your keyword! Once you find a company you like the look off check their reviews, visit their social profile such as facebook and twitter to see if previous customers have written any positive or negative comments here. Once you are happy with the type of feedback the company has then go ahead and contact them, be sure to let them know exactly what you are looking for and if you do go ahead and book them for your day confirm the date and time in written form ie email or a letter just incase the worst happens.

As mentioned above be sure to make your decision on a company based on their reviews, price and professionalism but keep in mind the theme of your wedding, remember when arriving to the church as the bride this is the first time most guests will see you and you want to make a big entrance! If you are going to a ultra modern wedding then the perfect type of transport would be a modern style of car such as a BMW, Audi or Mercedes. On the other hand if you are going for more of a classic type of theme then a Rolls Royce, Bentley or Horse and Carriage would be the ideal choice.