Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Whether you’ve been married for twenty years or you’ve been dating for a year, celebrating your anniversary in style is a great way to commemorate your milestone. It isn’t easy to make it to the one year mark, much less the twenty year mark; so there really is reason to go all out. Many people think of exchanging gifts and going out to dinner for their anniversary which is always a great choice; but to make it truly special you’ll need to ramp things up a bit. Here are a few fun ways to celebrate your anniversary and make it an event you’ll never forget.

Take a Romantic Trip

Taking a romantic trip with your partner is always a great way to reinforce your love and celebrate in a fun way. Whether you live in a scenic area already or you’re planning to take a road trip, spending time alone is always a memorable option. Perhaps you went on a romantic trip years ago and you want to rekindle that weekend getaway. Or maybe you’ve never been on a trip together and you’re looking to create a new tradition. Whatever the case may be, it’s hard to think of something more fun to do for your anniversary than taking a romantic trip.

Have a Party

Sometimes celebrating your anniversary alone isn’t ideal; especially is you’re celebrating an important milestone! If it’s a big anniversary, having a party with all of your closest friends and family can often be just the ticket to a memorable experience. Make sure you have plenty of fun games to play and perhaps even pick up some cheap wedding sparklers to make the party as special as possible. You’ll also need to arrange accommodations either in your home or nearby so you don’t have guests that leave after drinking.

Pop the Question

If you and your sweetie are still in the dating phase of your relationship, asking them to marry you on your anniversary is by far the most memorable and romantic gesture possible! Not only is it going to be the perfect timing, but they’ll never see it coming since all of the special things you’ll be doing will just seem like part of an anniversary celebration. Of course, you’ll be setting yourself up for a tough time on your next anniversary because it’s impossible to outdo a marriage proposal, but most partners won’t have a problem seeing passed this.

Whatever you happen to decide on for your anniversary, just make sure you are planning something fun and memorable with the other person in mind. As long as you are focused on making the day magical for your partner, you’ll be able to come up with all sorts of fun ways to celebrate your anniversary!