Get in Shape to Get in Style

When you start to plan your big day your wedding dress is probably the first thing on your mind. While fashion may rule the dress shopping day, remember to take a few minutes to think about what you’ll be putting in it: yourself.

Many women plan to lose weight or get in shape for their “big day,” but there’s a better reason, believe it or not. While the wedding is the first day of your married life, being healthy is a bigger reason to concentrate on your weight and shape. In this day of political correctness we all know it’s wrong to “fat shame” someone because they may be overweight or out of shape, but that doesn’t change the fact that obesity leads to diabetes, and diabetes is at epic rates in the U.S. today. By making your health a part of your wedding plans you’ll be making a commitment to yourself to live a longer and happier life!

Rather than starve yourself for a few weeks or months to fit into the perfect dress, it’s smarter to take a long-term approach. Get your bridesmaids together and make a long term plan that will benefit all of you!

Eat healthier. If you must dine out, order a salad or a dish that isn’t loaded with carbohydrates and fat. This means avoiding fried foods as much as possible, and choosing water over soda or other sweet drinks. Speaking of sweet, skip the diet drinks, too as they may be more hazardous than the sugared ones!

Take care of your mental health. Weddings can be stressful, and stress is a killer. Learn to meditate, do yoga, or practice another type of relaxation to get your mind off the million details and potential problems that can overwhelm your every waking moment. Learn to let it go for a few hours every day and you’ll feel more able to cope with the big picture.

Get a friend or the whole group to commit to an exercise program with you. Join a gym, take a dance class, or start a walking regime to get yourself in shape. Remember to take your water bottle, and stay hydrated while you work out.

By using these techniques to change your lifestyle, you’ll be adding years onto the life you’ll live with your new spouse!