How can you get the best deals on family vacations?

You want to take the family on vacation, but you do not want to “break the bank” doing so. The great news is that family vacations can be done on a budget, and with a little research, it is possible to get the best deals.


To get the best deal on a family vacation, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Consider buying tickets in advance: You are likely aware of the fact that airline tickets are cheaper the earlier you buy them, but tickets to various attractions can be cheaper to buy in advance. Be on the lookout for coupons and discounts from various groups, such as the AAA, or on online discount sites.
  • Go off-season: This might not be viable if you have older children who need to be at school, but traveling off-season can be significantly cheaper, with airlines and accommodation providers eager to fill those airline seats and hotel rooms that otherwise lie empty. Even by traveling a few weeks either side of peak periods, you can see significant discounts on your vacation, so it pays to be flexible.
  • Go local: This does not mean you have to vacation at home, but choosing a destination within easy driving distance of home can save you significant amounts of money because it is cheaper to drive than fly. If you do choose to fly, purchase airline flights with connections, as this is cheaper than flying direct.
  • Shop local: Purchase supplies at home, such as sunscreen or bug spray, before you go because these items can attract a premium at vacation resorts.
  • Compare and contrast: Use comparison websites to see which airlines or which accommodation providers are offering the greatest discounts. Searches can be tweaked so that you are comparing like with like.


A great way to get the best deals online is through social media, by watching various accounts, or signing up for alerts when deals become available. Among those vacation providers with a strong social media presence is Bluegreen Resorts, which has a range of resorts to suit all types of budget. With an emphasis on choice and quality, Bluegreen operates the Bluegreen Vacation Club, a points-based deeded vacation ownership plan affording flexible access to more than 60 Bluegreen resorts, as well as a wider range of destinations through partnership arrangements.


Shop around for the best vacation deals and all you have to think about then is how best to enjoy your family vacation.