Perfect Relationships

Finding time for each other is difficult if you don’t share the same interests. If you have had a relationship end because you didn’t spend enough time with your partner, it’s important that your next relationship is with someone whose life is compatible with your own.

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How much is enough?
If you and your partner both lead busy lives, it’s understandable that you struggle to find enough time for each other. So it’s important that you have a conversation and discuss how much time you both feel you should be spending together. Is it just a matter of finding a few minutes every now and then to talk about how your day was? Or do you feel like the only solution is to take a week off and go on holiday together? Either way, you won’t know until you talk about it and figure out what you both think the relationship needs.

Making the little moments count

Sadly we don’t always have a spare two hours to devote to long walks on the beach. Instead, in the busy chaos of everyday life, you need to make the little moments count as valuable time with your partner. Whether it’s cooking dinner or walking the dog, use those everyday tasks to your advantage and have a conversation. Make a point of asking about the things that you’re partner is passionate about and give them the opportunity to do the same for you. Chances are it was these shared interests and heartfelt conversations that drew you together in the first place, and this is a simple way to rekindle that old spark.

Make a date of it
Try to always keep one night of the week free for one another. Date night could include dinner and a movie, going salsa dancing or just spending the night curled up on the couch. However you choose to spend your date night, the important thing is that you’re making the effort and commitment to schedule time entirely for your partner.