Top 7 Alcohol Rehabs in New South Wales

In the past 10 years, the number of alcohol addicts in Australia has doubled, majority of which come from New South Wales. The intellectuals in Australia are now blaming the Australia’s harm minimization policy, established in 1985, for the dramatic rise in alcohol addiction in New South Wales. Addiction can be characterized as a state in which a person comes to experience the use of alcohol as an obstacle to the quality of life he is living. This interference in the life of an individual comes in many forms. For some it is the experience of anxiety and depression and for others it means loss of control, loss of the ability to make good decisions or the loss of a significant relationship. If you are someone that is a victim of alcohol addiction, here are top 6 alcohol rehabs in New South Wales you can attend to get rid of your addiction:

  1. The Cabin Sydney

The Cabin Sydney offers an effective treatment to people from all walks of life in a most confidential manner. Combined with CBT and 12 steps methods, the introduction of ‘Recovery Zones’ has made this rehab one of the most effective rehabs in the world. Their handpicked team of skilled counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists do their best to make your recovery easy and more sustainable. With their flexible and discrete outpatient programs, you can expect to maintain your job and fulfill other family commitments while undergoing the treatment.

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  1. Residential treatment by The Salvation Army

The bridge program of The Salvation Army offers a range of residential treatment services to help people find freedom from alcohol addiction. The residential treatment program generally takes eight to ten months to complete. However, this time may vary based on the circumstances of an individual. The environment of support available in this facility allows people to learn to live without alcohol. The 12-step model that they follow caters to the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs of an addict, making way for the sustainable recovery.

  1. The Sanctuary Byron Bay

The Sanctuary Byron Bay is considered one of the most luxurious private alcohol rehabs in the world. Offering treatment for almost every kind of addiction, this rehab is known to provide specialized treatments to its patients on one-to-one bases. In fact, you will have the attention of a team of 12-15 treatment professionals dedicated to your recovery.

  1. Rankin Court Treatment Center

It’s the mission of Rankin Court to help people suffering from the problem of alcohol addiction and give them a life that they can value. They accomplish their goal by building trust and relationship with their patients and offering them treatment that is best suited for their needs.

  1. The Odyssey House Program

The Odyssey House program aims at making an individual self-confident and a contributing member of the society. Each resident must meet the four basic rules: no alcohol, no violence, no sex and no stealing. These rules are to protect the residents and provide them a safer environment. Group therapy takes place regularly during the week. Patients also have access to anger management counseling, psychological services, recreational activities and assertiveness training.

  1. Glen – Central Coast Rehabilitation Center

The Glen is a male specific rehabilitation center aiming to get men out of the vicious cycle of alcohol and crime. The program is designed to treat a patient in a holistic manner addressing all his mental and physical needs. This empowers a person to take control of his life and live a good life becoming an active member of the society.

  1. Kamira Alcohol Treatment Services

This rehabilitation center offers treatment options for women that are going through alcohol addiction problems in New South Wales. Their major clientele include women with or without children, who are over 18 and having problems with alcohol. Children under 8 years stay permanently with their mothers throughout the course of the treatment depending on the severity of the patient’s addiction and his current needs. The facility offers a very comprehensive approach incorporating therapeutic groups and one-on-one counseling with experienced staff.

Unfortunately, there are people in New South Wales that are much deeper into the cycle of alcohol addiction. While there is a surge in crime rates, it is important to understand that people with severe addiction need treatment, whether or not they have committed a crime. Having them drift into the system of criminal justice will not solve the problem.