9 Methods to Make Your Unique Wine-Themed Wedding Ceremony

It is definitely romantic and meaningful to hold a wedding ceremony with the theme of wine. It does not only mean that the wine is the main beverage. As long as you have enough ideas and could make full use of the vessels which are related with wine, you could create a romantic and unique wedding ceremony.

  1. Make card clipper with soft tie plug

As long as you collect enough soft bottle plugs, you could use them to make card clipper and out them on the wedding tables, which will impress the guests a lot.

  1. Use wine bottles as vases.

There are many ways to put the wine bottles into charming vases. The simplest is plunging a flower into the bottle.

  1. Use the wine bottles to show menu

You could make the menu attaches to the wine bottle, which definitely is more creative that just placing the menu on the wedding tables.

  1. Make the guest book with wine bottles

Instead of providing an ordinary guest book, it is more creative and romantic to let the guests sign on the wine bottle. Then put these bottles in store and open it when a special day comes. At that time, the couple could recall the best wishes from guests and also remember that romantic moment.



  1. Make the bouquet with grape hyacinth

When the bride is walking down the chapel carpet, it is definitely eye-catching to hold a bunch of grape. But if you want to keep low key, you could just hold a grape hyacinth instead of grape.

  1. Make the invitation card based on the sightseeing of the wine country

This is really a smart way. You could fully develop your talents and choose a sightseeing that you like as the background of the wedding invitation.

  1. Make the napkin with soft bottle plugs

This is also an amazing DIY method. A small soft bottle plug could make the trivial napkin a little different.

  1. Use the wine glasses as the wedding candles

This way is not only unique, but also cost-saving. It is very environment-friendly and economic.

  1. Place wine as the main beverage of the wedding

Although it is not special and creative for a wine-themed wedding ceremony, it is necessary for it. But you pick the wine according to your own favor and interest. And it is economic to buy in wholesale way.

If you hold such a wine-themed wedding ceremony, you could also do something with your wedding dress. To make it match with your wedding ceremony, you could bravely choose a red color for your wedding dress.