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Christmas In Sheffield as a student

For many students, the build up to Christmas is the first time to see and participate in some Christmas traditions that are different to what you do at home. Here are a few unique (and some slightly more universal) ideas of what you can do over the holiday period in Sheffield.

If you are in Sheffield Hallam university accommodation, then it can be nice to get together and make a Christmas meal together. This can be a really nice way to get together with those you might not see in your accommodation as much. You can either create a fund which everyone chips into for a big shop, or perhaps try a potluck where everyone brings their own dish, and just hope one of you brought the turkey. You can also guarantee all the key dishes are accounted for assigning them out to your guests.

If you didn’t manage to check out the Peak District before winter struck, it’s still not too late! The Peak District is packed full of lovely winter pub walks. These can be a nice excuse to do your drinking outside of the city under the disguise of a nice healthy stroll. You can also fill up your flask with liquids of your choice to go red deer spotting in the Derbyshire dales, and pretend they’re reindeer for an additional festive rush.

If a walk in the Peak District seems a bit daunting, you can instead visit some of the parks throughout the city (Weston park is a personal recommendation), which are especially worth checking out when it snows. Be careful, because snowball fights can escalate quickly! Many of the parks will have local Christmas events on throughout the period as well, if you’re looking for something more civil.

The city centre also has plenty to offer over the Christmas period. With some of the bars pulling out all the stops. Explore for yourself to find a scattering of rooftop bars equipped with log fires to keep you warm as you try and forget about how early it’s getting dark. Or you can go and watch the city lights being turned on! The event is accompanied by a Christmas market full of  food and unique gifts, perfect for Christmas shopping (or Christmas dining depending on your preference). There’s something for all in Sheffield throughout Christmas and it’s a great time to start some new Christmas traditions.

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