How to Make Your Kids Safer on the Internet

Do you think that your kids are 100% safe when they spend time in front of their computers? If you work a lot and don’t spend that much time at home you might not even know what exactly your boys and girls are done, but as a parent you should assume the responsibility for protecting them against the World Wide Web because the Web is a very dangerous place for kids indeed.
I am sure that your kids use email on a regular basis. Who doesn’t do it these days? Everybody does as it is a natural thing to do. You probably use your email both at work and at home, but the main difference is that you know how to protect yourself from spammers and hackers because you are a grownup. Your children don’t have the same knowledge nor experience, and this is why they are really prone to become the victims of various scams that are so prevalent on the Internet.

One way to remedy the situation is to give your children a special email for kids they can use whenever they want. The difference is that emails especially for kids are designed in such a way so that you know exactly what your kids are doing. This way you can control the messages they receive, you can restrict the amount of time they spend using their email account, or even set certain safely rules for the messages that your children receive. Your kids won’t be able to read any of the emails that don’t meet certain standards set by you and it is up to you to decide what they are.


If you are interested in having an email for kids, I recommend that you clink on the above link. They currently offer 1 month of email usage free of charge, which is an excellent opportunity to try out all of its useful features.