Shaggy Rugs

If you had an opportunity to be alive in the 1970s, you might still remember how popular shaggy rugs used to be in this particular decade. Well, guess what. They are back and they definitely have a chance to do even better in our current decade. I look forward to buying more of them during the next couple of years together with some lava lamps and patterned wallpaper.

Shaggy rugs including those cheapest online rugs are much deeper than many other rugs available on the market. This might be one of the reasons my kids love them so much. I can see them many times during the day lie on them with their faces down enjoying the softness of the rugs. My older one James seems to be really enjoying throwing himself on one of the rugs I have in my reception room. He sometimes lies there for many minutes in a row. One additional benefit for me as a parent is the fact that I can always sink my feet into them after a tiring and exhausting day. Oh, what a pleasure it is!

Shaggy rugs are good for living spaces, but they are even better for bedrooms where you might crave extra privacy and comfort. If you have ever had a stone floor in your bedroom like I had for many years, you probably know by now how terrible it can feel to put your feet on something cold. On the other hand, if you are about to start a new day, you should look forward to placing your feet on something as comfortable as shaggy rugs that are always warm even in the coldest of days.

If you fancy the idea of placing a shaggy rug in your reception room, make sure to out it directly in front of your sofa. This way you will be able to to touch something cosy the moment you take your shoes off to lie down on your sofa. This can be a very therapeutic experience indeed, one that I am willing to recommend to everybody out there.