Top 9 Online Math Tutoring Sites for Parents and Kids

Mathematics is one of the favorite subjects for those who are able to understand the concepts involved while it becomes a nightmare for those who don’t develop a clear level of understanding. As a parent, we are quite incapable of understanding why our child is not able to grasp the concepts which were so rudimentary for us. So, here is a list of the best websites where you can find a math tutor online to help understand your child’s needs:

  1. This is a paid service with a varying price range. The way this site works is simple. You just have to sign up, select the grade in which your child is, select the package that you are comfortable with, and select the payment method. Once your child is on his homepage, you can schedule a one-on-one session with a certified tutor. This certified tutor will then teach your kid in a completely private setting. He’ll help your kid solve problems, understand concepts, clear doubts. And the parents can monitor the progress of their child through the performance reports and ongoing feedback, which is also sent via email regularly.

Texas-based TutorPace, which matches tutors and students all over the country for online tutoring process easy for both Tutors and Students. The company currently has about 1500 active tutors in its database and about 50 full-time employees.

  1. EduNiche is another paid service which offers different features for different prices. It works on the concept of signing up, filling the basic details and needs, and selecting the desired package. Once the homepage is set up the students can select the ideal math tutor that they want, and then connect with the math tutor online. They don’t have performance reports and, also no special provisions are provided for the parents.
  1. MathUmpire is another online platform where students can connect with one of the math tutor online. The students can seek help from the selected tutor and build their concepts. They can practice and improve under the guidance of these tutors.
  1. is an online tool for students seeking help with various concepts of mathematics. They don’t have an online tutor platform, but what they offer is slightly different. They offer basic conceptual notes on a lot of topics of mathematics, along with a huge repository of questions on the various topics. They also offer worksheets to help practice those concepts. And to make it more enticing for the students, they have developed some basic games which help hone the students’ mathematical skills.
  1. This is a free platform for students to build mathematical concepts. They provide text lessons, formulae, video lessons and a virtual doubt solving platform. They also provide a host of games which users can play to help them improve their math skills in a more interesting manner.
  1. This is another free platform on our list. They offer basic notes on various math topics along with video lessons. They have categorized their courses in a very systematic manner and user registration is not required to use this platform.
  1. This website offers a collection of all the free resources that the students can use to hone their mathematical skills.
  1. KhanAcademy is a free platform for students to learn and practice mathematics. They provide basic notes and video lectures of some of the best mathematics teachers. The platform offers games to help make mathematical concepts more interesting. They also provide in-depth analysis of the performance of the student on their practice platform. And, in a way, KhanAcademy offers a personalized experience of learning.
  1. They offer a mix of paid and free video lectures on various topics of mathematics. These videos are properly sorted. The free video lecture can either be downloaded or viewed online. They provide another option for paid lectures, of purchasing the DVDs.

In present time, the online math tutoring comes at a good price. Online math tutors can cost up to $10 hourly and a student normally has access to the tutor instantly. The biggest advantage of hiring a math tutor online is that if it takes only 10 minutes for a tutor to help a student to find an answer, that student still have 50 minutes left to use at a later time to work on new problems.