How to Get Started as an Online English Tutor

English is a subject that is in demand for ever and tutors who wish to start their career in English tutoring have great things in store for them. Here are the basic ideas about how to start one’s career as an English tutor:

  1. Assess your English skills: First, you need to assess what areas in English you can handle with expertise (like spoken language, writing and grammar). Choosing your special area and focusing on it in your advertisement will attract clients who have the same requirements. Further, you can have certifications in these areas that will add to your credentials.
  2. Decide whom you are going to tutor: Some tutors are good at handling younger kids. Some are interested in showing their subject expertise through handling students of higher grade level. Decide whom you are going to tutor and prepare accordingly. Know the syllabus thoroughly and do not leave loopholes in your preparation.
  3. Get some prior experience: Many nonprofit organizations ask for voluntary services in tutoring. Approach such organizations and gain some tutoring experience. You can contact the local libraries which need online English tutors for their tutoring requirements. As an initial step, you can try tutoring with one of your friends, neighbors or siblings and get their suggestions and ideas for improvement.
  4. Write a resume: Your resume spotlights your skills. Specify your specialties and credentials. Make it effective through some references and testimonials like tutoring younger kids or peers at school or college .Proper certifications like TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate and licensing help you get into field of tutoring with required qualification.
  5. Advertise your skills: Advertising plays a major role in selling your skills effectively in tutoring field. Market your skills through Craig list, local flyers or join an online English tutoring company. Register with a tutoring company as a tutor and fix your timings and payment details. Once you know how to catch up with tutoring skills, you attract a number of clients and make your job a lucrative one.
  6. Prepare for your classes: Fun and interactive methods are the most effective ways of tutoring. Making interesting and lively classes helps you get positive first impression and gain good name and fame. Listening to the students plays a major role in understanding their needs and deficiencies .Focus more on their weak areas when you prepare your future lessons. Setting the right tone for a topic with good start up activities like asking questions and eliciting answers will kindle the curiosity of the students and draw them more towards the topic you are going to teach.
  7. Make your timings flexible to students: Take the interest of students into account and prioritize their timings. Make yourself available accordingly and get started with successful ratings and reviews. And also see to it that the web camera and microphone in your Skype are ready to work and you are able to communicate without any technical disorder.

Online tutoring is the most preferred mode today for the ease and comfort it lends. As it becomes more and more popular, the ratio of tutors who come into the field also increases. Follow the above mentioned steps to get started as an online English tutor and gather milestones in your career. Keep in mind that you can become a tutor on and earn money by sharing your knowledge on English, Maths and many other disciplines.