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Is Your Home Improvement Healthy

Without any doubt, we are a nation of very eager DIYers. When you look at the websites such as slatergordon.co.uk you can easily realise how true it is. But with many DIY projects come #DIYDisasters that can lead to many personal injuries. So how healthy is your DIY project? Do you really know what you are putting yourself at the risk of? Let’s find out.

One problem with DIY projects is that while they usually seem like a cheaper option compared to hiring somebody for the job the truth is that most of us are not even close to being qualified for the job. We all tend to overestimate our abilities thinking that we have what it takes to repair our electric circuit or paint our walls. Of course, there are some easier and less risky projects at home and most of us would be willing to paint the walls in our home ourselves, but even this can turn to be truly risky if you don’t know what you are doing. Even simple tasks such as removing the wallpaper in your home or drilling into your walls can be life threatening if you happen to have asbestos in your home and you are unaware of it. Lead pipes are another hazard with many of them that can be found in the houses that were built before the 1970s.

While conducting even the simplest of DIY projects might seem risky, there are some steps to undertake in order to avoid the hazards related to them. Being aware of possible asbestos, lead pipes, mould, and MDF can mean the difference between health problems and a healthy life. If you are aware of something that is in your home you are a lot more likely to be able to deal with the problems before they even appear.

If you suspect that you have been affected by any of the described-above substances, seek out medical help immediately. Another step to take is to seek out legal advice if applicable. There are many situations in your life when you might not be the one to blame for all the bad things that happened to you.

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