Perfect work-life balance for the busy family

As a person who has been working from home for several years now I know all about the daily struggles related to work-life balance in my family. My kids have definitely benefited from having more of me in their lives as opposed to being with childminders or in nurseries all day and I am very thankful for that unique opportunity I was given to be able to work from home. Below you will find a few tips you might want to find useful if you want to maintain the right work-life balance that will serve your family well:

1. Remember that when at home you are both a worker and a parent at the same time. This means in practice that you have two roles to fulfill. There will be times when you will have peace and quiet, but there will also be times when you will be required to spend time with your children. This is when you need to take breaks. Make sure that you don’t try to work when your children need you and you should be fine.
2. Have the right type of furniture in your home office. A good look at should quickly solve all of the questions you might have regarding the planning of your office space. Only because you work from home does not have to mean that you don’t deserve that quality furniture that all of your ex-co workers have in their busy offices.
3. Do not over stress yourself, but rather have time to enjoy the little things that make working at home so enjoyable. At last, you have a chance to witness how your youngest one plays, or you might be the first time to see him walk. When you feel like you want to grab some fresh air, go outdoors and enjoy the nature for as long as you can before you are ready to go back to work provided that your boss allows you to do so.
4. If possible, befriend somebody who is also a work from home parent. There were many times in my life when I needed to take a break from my kids and deliver a bigger order fast. My friend Jess has always been a huge blessing. She doesn’t live that far from me, and those few times when I needed her urgently she was there to take care of my kids when I was busier than usual.